[INFORMATION] La Banque Postale (44) - How to authentify the payments accounts ?

When the user have to add or authentify on a payment account for La Banque Postale, an authorization may be ask to him on his bank site.


Doing that, a push notification is supposed to appear at the top of the screen. Nevertheless La Banque Postale is currently having issues concerning this subject, so the push notification do not appear.


A fix is currently in the work on the bank side but to carry on with the synchronisation and to add properly the accounts, we invite your clients to follow the following steps below, allowing them to keep their accounts synchronized.


How to authentify the La Banque Poste accounts ?


1. The user as to go to his app then create his La Banque Postale connexion by adding his accounts or, if it already exist, he can go to that connexion and click on "Authentify"


2. Once this is done, the following page will open : 




3. A redirect push notification to the La Banque Postale application may appear at the top of the screen, they will juste have to click on it to access the validation request :

Otherwise they should have to go by themselfes on the bank application and validate the connexion by following those steps : 


Welcome page to the application > Click on "Se connecter" > Then "Gérer" at the bottom right.




Thereafter they should click on "Certicode Plus" > Then click on "Mes opérations Certicode Plus" > Click after that on the latest operation (in blue) > Finally, validate the operation by seizing their code.




Once the code seized, a confirmation text will appear : 




4. When the connexion is confirmed on the La banque Postale application, the user would have to return on his user space in his application therewith to finish the inclusion or authentification of his accounts, enabling the synchronisation.


If they have any questions concerning the authentification of your La Banque Postale payments accounts or, if they encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact the support to the following adress : assistance@linxo.com  🙂















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