[OPEN] BNP (82) - [Third-party account management]

An incident was opened for BNP (82). 

Description :
We have noticed that the API BNP doesn't show the third-party accounts. 

Besides, a customer can have both business and personal accounts on their BNP connection. 

Either he has a single set of identifiers and the API will return the PROFESSIONAL accounts and the PERSONAL accounts. Or he has both PROFFESSIONAL and PERSONAL IDs and the ID set will return only the accounts associated with this ID.
The other accounts are seen as third party accounts and BNP does not return the third party accounts.

This is a BUG identified at BNP and seems to be blocked on the resolution.

In the case that the user has both professional and personal IDs, he can create two different connexions.  We invite the users to be careful when they indicate their credentials during the re-authentication.  Otherwise, the concerned accounts will be returned in error.


Impacted product : PFM API

Incident detection date
: 06/23/2021

Bank impacted : BNP (82)

Volume impacted : High

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