[SOLVED] Banque Populaire (Multiples FIDs) - [SCRAPING Connector Maintenance]

An incident was opened for Banque Populaire.


Update 02/15/25 : A new fix has been deployed, professional account synchronization is operational again.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 02/06/24 : A hotfix has been deployed restoring synchronization to most impacted accounts.
The synchronization of professional and business accounts can be still disrupted.

Our teams are doing what is necessary to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Description : The synchronization of Banque Populaire accounts (savings/Loan) is currently disrupted, including an increase in the number of "Failed" connections. Your users may also have difficulty to validate the SCA. 

Our developers are doing what is necessary to take these changes into account in order to restore the situation as soon as possible.


Impacted product : PFM API

Incident détection date: 01/29/2024

Bank impacted :  Banque Populaire

Volume impacted : Moderate 

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