Connectors impacted by blacklistage - [SCRAPING Connector Maintenance]

DescriptionAs part of improving the security of their online platforms, several banks or organizations have implemented a filtering system to reduce unauthorized access to accounts.

The main goal of this security measure is to reduce unauthorized access to accounts and impacts the operation of aggregators like Linxo-Connect whose access is legitimate and must be differentiated from fraudulent access which would be attempted without consent of users.
When Linxo-Connect tries to access customer area to collect account information, our system is identified as a robot, thus preventing us from continuing the operation.

Here is the list of banks for which our connections are currently blocked : 

  • Allianz Assurance (277)
  • Le Conservateur (292) 
  • AFER (192) 
  • Union Financière de France (291)
  • Swile (374) 
  • Compte Nickel (168)


We have already alerted the technical support of these banks and are awaiting their responses. Therefore, synchronization with these banks and organizations is temporarily suspended.


While waiting for a solution, we ask users to contact their establishments and thus express their need to view and manage all of their accounts. 


We will keep you informed of any developments regarding this situation.

Thank you for understanding.






Impacted product : PFM API

Volume impacted : High


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Thanks for your understanding.

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