Connectors impacted by a Captcha - [SCRAPING Connector Maintenance]


Description :  A “captcha” is a security process allowing to differentiate a human user from a robot. The main objective is to reduce unauthorized access to accounts by preventing automated attempts.

As part of updating and improving the security of their online platforms, several banks or organizations have adopted this system. This security measure impacts the operation of aggregators like Linxo-Connect because the “captcha” can't differentiate legitimate access from aggregators from fraudulent access that would be attempted without the consent of your users. 

Currently, the following banks are impacted  :

  • CIC Epargne Salariale (202)

  • Crédit Mutuel Epargne Salariale (194)

  • Epsens Epargne Salariale (270) 

  • Groupama Epargne Salariale (271)

  • Axa Assurance (163) 

  • Generali Group connectors (Direct Placement Himalia (313), Direct Placement Generali (224), MeilleurTaux Placement Generali (324), Generali Patrimoine (279), (229), Linxea Generali (219), Nalo (350), Generali(227) ) 

  • GMF (327) [this connector will be deactivated and the accounts archived on 02/22/24, more info here]

  • Direct Placement Darjeeling (315) 

  • MAIF VIE (172)

  • Groupama (147) [life Assurances] [this connector will be deactivated and the accounts archived on 02/22/24, more info here]

  • Wiseed (375)

  • AG2R (204)
  • MAAF VIE (297)

  • Swisslife (282) 

  • Mutavie (288)


We have already alerted the technical support of these banks and are awaiting their responses, such as the provision of an interface authorizing data aggregation. Therefore, synchronization with these banks and organizations is temporarily suspended and the connectors have been deactivated.

In doing so, do not hesitate to contact your establishments and thus express to them your need to view and manage all of your accounts on your Linxo space because this is indeed a right that you have.

We will keep you informed of any developments regarding this situation.

Thank you for understanding.


Impacted product : PFM API

Volume impacted : High


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Thanks for your understanding.

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